Acer Aspire One A110-Aw

acer-aspire-one-110-aw.jpg In April 2009, I (fronck) bought an insanely cheap netbook which seems to be going out of market. It's an Intel Atom N270 (1.6 GHz)-based thing with 8.9“ (1024×600) screen, 512MB RAM, 8GB SSD, weighing in at a mere 960 grams. It comes with the Linpus Lite operating system, somewhat modified by Acer. For the moment I've decided to keep the operating system and see what I can do with it rather than installing another Linux flavor.


Power Management

The power panagement features in the standard Linpus Lite installation are somewhat rudimentary, but luckily, this IS a Linux distro and we can hack it somewhat to provide better battery yield.

Fan Noise Reduction

First off, several sites list a fix for the fan noise problem this particular model sports

Drivers etc.

Option iCON 225 3G Modem

This particular modem sometimes works, sometimes doesn't efter performing a live update with Acer's tool.
There's a script with a patch for NetworkManager to play with this modem on Acer's support site:

However, it doesn't always work. I use a workaround until support for my 3G modem becomes stable in NetworkManager:


User Interface

Display Fonts

I like smaller-than-average fonts on my computers to maximize the screen real estate.

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