Bluetooth on Gentoo and my Thinkpad T43p

In February 2010, I bought a new stereo bluetooth headset (Nokia BH 905)

To setup bluetooth, I started by following this page on thinkwiki. Having done so, running /etc/init.d/bluetooth start resulted in the following error:

Can't open RFCOMM control socket: Address family not supported by protocol

emerge net-wireless/bluez-libs net-wireless/bluez-utils bluez-firmware

Apr 2 12:01:24 localhost hcid[19264]: Bluetooth HCI daemon Apr 2 12:01:24 localhost hcid[19264]: Parsing /etc/bluetooth/main.conf failed: No such file or directory Apr 2 12:01:24 localhost hcid[19264]: Unable to get on D-Bus

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