Package block: pm-utils vs. powermgmt-base

Poking around the internet yields quite a few clues as how to get rid of this block. Apparently, both packages provide the on_ac_power script used by other programs to find out if a laptop is connected to the power outlet.
The older powermgmt-base package is pulled in by the apm USE flag, which you will need to remove. There seems to be no ill effects from this, as most laptops rely on the newer ACPI interface for power management.
Once the apm USE flag is out, you can unmerge the powermgmt-base package:

> emerge --ask --verbose unmerge powermgmt-base

However, if you, like me, do a deep merge when updating your world, the package will be pulled in again as a dependency of other packages. You can remedy this by re-merging these packages:

> emerge --ask --verbose --newuse world

or, if it's only a matter of the hal and gnome-applets packages (like for me):

>  emerge --ask --verbose gnome-base/gnome-applets hal

and there you go - ready to do an update world!

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