Gnome 3 Gems

If you know where to look, there's many ways to customize Gnome 3 to make it work for you rather than the other way around. Here, I'll be posting some of the most indespensible ones that I find it hard to live without.

"Modified Window Click Actions"

Modified WHAT?! This is a treasure hidden away in Gnome 3's tweak tool. Behind the convoluted description is simple functions that make it much, much easier do work with the windows on the Gnome desktop. Specifically, I find that rather than having to hit the window borders or title bar with the mouse when I want to rearrange them, using a keyboard modifier makes it much faster. Since I have one hand always resting on the keyboard anyway, this has become an integrated part of my workflow, and I find myself cursing whenever I have to position the mouse precisely over a 2 pixel-wide window corner to resize it.


First, find this page in the Tweak Tool:

Change the “Modifier”… at the bottom to Super and flick the right button resize to “On”.

Now, you have the ability to move and resize windows without needing to position the mouse cursor precisely. Hold down Super and the left mouse button, and you can move your window around no matter where the cursor is:

Hold down Super and the right mouse button, and you can resize your windows in a flash:

The resizing operation takes a bit of getting used to, but for me, it is much faster and more convenient than the alternative.

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