Polar Wearlink+ on Sony Xperia T

As a Christmas present in 2013, I got the Polar Wearlink+ Bluetooth heart rate transmitter for use with my Sony Xperia T Android smartphone.
To start off with, I was slightly apprehensive about opening the package, as the official list of supported phones is quite sparse, and the Xperia isn't one of them. Rigorous Google searches revealed that plenty of other phones not on the official list worked with the device, and I decided to try it out. Happily, I can report that the Xperia T and the Wearlink+ ARE compatible, and work quite nicely with at least the Endomondo Sports Trasker app that I use.

Working Configuration:
  • Polar Wearlink+ Bluetooth HRT
  • Sony Xperia T smartphone
  • Android 4.1.2
  • Firmware build 9.1.A.1.141
  • Endomondo PRO 9.2.2

Of course, YMMV, but at least the above works for me…

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